Welcome to the Groff Spot! This will be a blog (for now) about effective altruism, economics, animal liberation and anything at the nexus of numbers and justice. If I feel like it, I might throw in a film review or two (for those of you who don't know, I'm a cinephile). All views expressed in this blog are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my employer or any organization with which I am associated.

As for me, I'm a recent Yale College graduate working as a Research Analyst at Innovations for Poverty Action, which researches the most effective ways to help the world's poor. I will be applying to Ph.D. programs in economics in the fall. I am anti-speciesist (this includes leaving animals off my plate) and donate 10% of my salary (with an aim to contribute much more later) to highly effective charities.

I'm also a Connecticut organizer for Direct Action Everywhere, a network of animal rights activists that take nonviolent direct action on behalf of farmed animals.

As for what I'll be talking about on this blog, here are some quick ideas for topics I may discuss in the near future:

-Effective Altruism (EA) and collective action problems
-Activism and intellectual detachment
-Social progress and nonhuman animals

Here are some things I've written on other sites:
On Animal Liberation: Why We Fight
How a Former Lonely Vegan Ended up Confronting the Secretary of Agriculture
Youth and Animal Activism

Feel free to comment below on any of these topics or anything else you'd like me to write about. Thank you for visiting!


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